A biography and life work of christopher wren an english architect

The list of his works in and around London amounts to seventy buildings designed by him, while about another ten have been attributed to him without documentary proof. Nearly fifty of these buildings still exist- including a cathedral, palatial works for the king, houses, an observatory, monuments and numerous churches. Childhood He was born on the 20th October at East Knoyle in Wiltshire, where his father was rector at the time.

A biography and life work of christopher wren an english architect

Contact Christopher Wren Christopher Wren, an English architect, best known for the design of many churches in London was born on 20 October in England. As per the culture of the time he acquired early education in classics and started studying astronomy and physiology.

Sir Christopher Wren’s famous works

He graduated from Oxford with a B. A degree and M. A degree ineventually receiving a doctorate of civil laws in and served as a professor of astronomy at Gresham College, London.

Wren owes his interest for architecture to the study of physics and engineering. He did not receive any formal education for architecture but he learned it on his own through and extensive study of Italian and French treatises and pattern books. During Wren undertook a few architectural projects in Oxford and Cambridge, thus making way into the practical world of architecture.

In Wren made his only trip abroad for architecture and stayed for eight months in France where he met some leading French and Italian architects.

In the Great Fire of London gave Wren an opportunity to bring forth his abilities and he proposed plans for rebuilding the affected area again. But unfortunately the proposals got rejected, for the owners did not want to give away their lands.


Wren did not lose hope and kept on pursuing his career and built 51 new city churches. In he got another chance and was appointed as the surveyor of the royal works. This break brought control over all government buildings in the country.

A biography and life work of christopher wren an english architect

As a result of this post one after the other royal buildings were thrown along his way to design or renovate. Despite being busy with architectural projects, Wren never left his scientific activities altogether.

Later in time Wren also got the opportunity to design royal palaces and then came a time when he was profoundly known as Palace Architect. Hampton Court Palace is one of the important palaces of this phase of his life, but due to some political reasons its construction got suspended.

In Wren started making plans for a royal hospital as well after the construction of Hampton Palace stopped. Till date, Greenwich Hospital is regarded as one of the great pieces made by Christopher Wren. This is the same place where Christopher Wren died a sudden death on 25 February Wren died at an age of 90, leaving behind some extravagant churches that did not let architects of 18th century forget him for a long period of time.

A biography and life work of christopher wren an english architect

One of the greatest creations of Wren is St. Even though the churches made by Wren left deep marks in architectural world but still after his death new generation of architects rejected his ideas of architecture, calling them unclassical.

With the passage of time his work stopped making impression on newcomers of the field and thus in 20th century his contributions started getting controversial tags along with them and eventually his work secured the label of impotent for English architecture."Wren, Sir Christopher: Biography from iridis-photo-restoration.com" "Sir Christopher Wren (English architect): Life and times of Sir Christopher Wren on .

Sir Christopher Wren who died on Monday last in the 91st year of his age, was the only son of Dr. Chr. Wren, Dean of Windsor & Wolverhampton, Registar of the Garter, younger brother of Dr.

Mathew Wren Ld Bp of Ely, a branch of the ancient family of Wrens of Binchester in the Bishoprick of Durham Christopher Wren, an English architect, best known for the design of many churches in London was born on 20 October in England.

Wren the scientist The greatest British architect of all time was born in East Knoyle, Wiltshire, in , the son of the rector of Knoyle. Christopher Wren attended Westminster School and Wadham College, Oxford, where he graduated with a masters degree in Biography of Sir Christopher Wren.

HISTORY Early Life and Education Christopher Wren was born in to a highly of the influence of Wren's work on English. Sir Christopher Wren was the most celebrated English architect of his time, best known for the design of St Paul's Cathedral, London.

Christopher Wren, the son of the Dean of Windsor, and nephew of Dr. Mathew Wren, the Bishop of Norwich, was born in As his father was the king’s chaplain, Christopher spent his early life in Windsor Castle. As a child he played with the king’s son who later became Charles II. Christopher . As Summerson observed, Sir Christopher Wren had died at the age of thirty he would still have been remembered but his entry in the Dictionary of National Biography would have not only listed his works as a scientist or a mathematician but also as an architect. In this lesson, we'll explore the life and career of Sir Christopher Wren and examine his impact on English architecture. Sir Christopher Wren England is home to some astounding architectural masterpieces, influenced by styles from around the world.

Born to a rector, Wren was the only surviving son of their parents and was delicate in health from an early iridis-photo-restoration.com: Jane Fitzwilliam.

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