Comparing and contrasting the tragic flaws of macbeth and oedipus

These two instances are located in Act 1 Scene 3 and in Act 4 Scene 1. In both scenes Macbeth is informed about his future.

Comparing and contrasting the tragic flaws of macbeth and oedipus

Both characters were foretold directly or indirectly what their destinies were to be and inevitably, they come true. Macbeth was told by three witches that he would become king, and even though it is unclear whether they possessed supernatural powers or invented the story, it became a reality in his mind and a goal to pursue.

Likewise, Oedipus was punished by the gods for killing a sacred being, a sphinx, and his fate of killing his father and marrying his mother infallibly materializes in his future even though he tries to run away and even becomes certain he has succeeded in doing so.

Comparing and contrasting the tragic flaws of macbeth and oedipus

However, these two works also have major contrasting differences. Fate played a huge role in the lives of humans and as was believed by the ancient Greeks, their lives were simply directed by an arbitrary decision of imperfect gods and goddesses.

As was previously mentioned, Oedipus knew his fate shaped by a curse cast on him; however, even when being aware it was not possible to escape that fate, he attempted to run away from it; however, it haunted him. Contrastingly, Macbeth is a character whose life was changed by his attempt to pursue his fate; however, with similar detrimental consequences as it came true, his death.

As this is prophesized, Macbeth begins to ponder on how this could come to be and the only plausible solution at the time seems to be eliminating the actual king and his heirs.

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After doing so, he becomes king and his prophecy is fulfilled. However, the situation changes as he is oppressed by outside and inner forces, including his own conscience. As for Macbeth, his kingship soon comes to an end as he is killed as a result of his tyrannical rule over Scotland.

His fate became a reality and he reached the goal he pursued, but the inevitable tragic end also came with it and destroyed his newly acquired life. In this way, the authors present fate and destiny as the unavoidable reality every human will have to face, and whether it is a simple statement made by strangers or satirical act of unmerciful gods, it shows life is not in our hands but rests in the power of outside forces.Macbeth and Oedipus Rex Comparison Essay Words | 10 Pages.

tragic flaw, which leads to his downfall. Shakespeare and Sophocles were both inspired by the theme of Tragic Heroes and have used this theme in their plays Macbeth and Oedipus Rex, respectively.

Macbeth/Oedipus Macbeth/Oedipus Compare and Contrast the Tragic Flaw(s) of Macbeth and Oedipus Macbeth visualized himself as a forceful, powerful ruler who begins the trilogy in absolute control of the situation.


As the story progresses, however, Macbeths\' power and pride are broken down because he made it his destiny. Sophocles' Oedipus the King and Shakespeare's Hamlet both contain the basic elements of tragedy, but Hamlet is a tragic hero, while Oedipus is a tragic villain.

From the opening moments of Hamlet, the audience knows that Hamlet must avenge his father's death. Literature ACE Comparison of Macbeth and Oedipus Background Oedipus is a king in the classic greek play Oedipus The King by Sophocles.

He is the main character of the play, both as a protagonist and an antagonist at different points of time, and is one of the most .

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May 13,  · In both of these tragic plays, “Macbeth” by Shakespeare and “Oedipus the King” by Sophocles, a catastrophic fate transforms the lives of the protagonists and ultimately becomes a sad reality for both of them whether they flee from it or pursue it. Creon and Macbeth’s character flaws and actions, when faced with their fates, contrast the two tragic heroes.

Macbeth’s character flaw is his inability to resist temptation and outside influences.

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