Evaluating operation management at dell computer corporation

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Evaluating operation management at dell computer corporation

Evaluating operation management at dell computer corporation

Operations management therefore often constitutes analyzing the various processes and operations of the organization to grade and help constantly improve their efficiency and effectiveness Andrew, The operations management team is also tasked with increasing performance, inducing and maintaining optimal production levels and reducing all operational costs at all levels, with the ultimate goal being to increase the company's profit margins while at the same time maintaining high quality standards.

Although operations management OM mostly deals with the operations of the company, it also focuses on the needs of the end-consumer for without them, operations management is rendered pointless. Dell Computer Corporation utilizes a very effective model of operations management.

The core resource of any operations management is the human resource.

Evaluating operation management at dell computer corporation

With this knowledge, the company puts special emphasis on the selection of the operations management staff. The company ensures that recruitment of such staff is open and fair, hiring only the best candidates who show the greatest potential and a wide variety of relevant skills William, The company also encourages and rewards excellence in performance and promotes innovativeness, creativity and team work among the staff.

With the advent of technology, it is also easier to manage and monitor changes and progress in the whole production process in real-time. This translates to a faster Turn-Around-Time in transactions and an ability to make decisions faster thus saving both time and resources.


Dell Computer Corporation is at the forefront of the technological revolution placing it in a good tactical position to fully exploit these benefits Alison, Seeing that the operations management team deals with almost all levels of the production process, the operations managers really have their work cut out for them.

In recruiting operation managers, Dell Computer Corporation not only seeks out candidates with advanced operation skills, but also interpersonal skills, leadership skills, as well as a general knowledge of various functional areas within the company. This is because they in the course of executing their tasks, they should also show a remarkable ability to communicate with other staff, promote team work, be able to motivate others and also work with multidisciplinary teams.

Such multidisciplinary areas may include: They are tasked with setting prices for various markets and evaluating the profitability of the products by evaluating the cost of production versus the price at which the product is presented to the market.

The marketing team is also responsible for building the brand name through advertisements and promotional offers.

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These transactions are handled by the finance department. Straight from the capital to production costs and finally to income generated by the business, all these transactions need to be recorded, managed and constantly monitored to determine the financial health of the company.

Inventories of assets and liabilities are made and managed by the finance team. Services such as product performance evaluation, packaging and delivery among others are handled by the service operations team. This improves customer relations and if the customer care service is efficient enough, it goes a long way in creating a reputable brand name.

The customer feels sufficiently catered for and that is one way of creating and maintaining loyalty in the customers. In general, the effectiveness of operations management can be graded by how productive the company is.

Operations managers calculate this by getting the ratio of outputs to inputs: To achieve that, the management of any such business must first be in touch with the needs of the customer and be able to meet the demand.

Dell Computer Corporation identifies the kind of product needed by a particular customer or group of customers and strives to provide an almost customized product for that particular market.

The first principle applied here is knowing which market needs what product and the location of that market. This is achieved by doing a market research or survey where the customers are presented with a forum on which they can air their needs or what they would expect in a product and the features most relevant to them.

Customers are also provided with an opportunity to give feedback on products they have purchased and they also receive free customer support services as an added benefit. Using this data, the company is in a better position to understand and cater for the customers' needs and expectations.DELL.

It’s Operation and How It Makes Work Inda Sari By: Dian COMPANY HISTORY At the age of 19 with $ 1, in start up capital Micheal Dell founded Dell Computer with simple vision and business concept – that Personal computer could built to order and sold directly to customer/5(10).

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Dell case study (management) • Dell Computer’s direct model departed from the industry’s historical rules on severalfronts: The company outsourced all components but performed assembly.

It eliminated retailers and shipped directly from its factories to end customers. It took customized orders for hardware and software over the phone. View and Download Dell c - Color Laser Printer user manual online. Color Laser Printer. c - Color Laser Printer Printer pdf manual download.

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