In a free market economic determine the factors affecting the allocation of resources

If you already have a good understanding of markets including the use of demand and supply curves you could skip to the next section [price elasticities]. The market or price mechanism describes how the forces of demand and supply determine relative prices of goods and services which then ultimately determines the way our productive resources e.

In a free market economic determine the factors affecting the allocation of resources

Z Acceptance Acceptance of an Offer. A notification by a party to accept the terms of an offer made by another party. For example, in a Rights Issue, the Investor will notify acceptance of an offer made by the Issuer.

Issuer Sponsored acceptances must be forwarded to the Registry. Account designations are generally registered for two reasons: Identification Purposes - Account designations may be registered for identification purposes to distinguish between multiple holdings with the same registered name eg.

To appoint a Trustee - Where the beneficial owner cannot be registered as the legal owner, a trustee may be appointed and the trustee's name would be registered on the holding. Holdings cannot be registered directly in the name of a minor, deceased estate, unincorporated fund or trust eg.

In this case, the holding may be registered in the name of the parent or trustee with an account designation.

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Account Designation Account designations are used to distinguish between holdings or reflect beneficial ownership. They are generally registered for two reasons: Accounting Period The selected time period for which financial reports are prepared, normally one year but listed companies also prepare and disseminate half-yearly interim financial reports.

Ad Hoc A Latin term meaning improvised and often impromptu. Ad Valorem A Latin term meaning "according to the value". It is often used in relation to Stamp Duty to describe the situation when duty is calculated according to the full market value of the securities.

Addressed value payment An Assessed Value Payment AVP or cash payment could be an entitlement for those holding deliverable warrants which have not been exercised before or at expiry.

Administrator An individual appointed by a probate court to handle the estate of a person who died intestate. They have the same duties as an executor.

In a free market economic determine the factors affecting the allocation of resources

Agent Third party provider, for example, Link is an agent of the Issuer. Aggregation The process of totalling the unit quantity or settlement amount of individual settlement instructions, which are settling on the same holding or through the same payment facility, in the same settlement cycle.

All Ordinaries Share Price Index All Ords A barometer of the sharemarket based on movements in the market value of a number of companies traded on the sharemarket.

The index is made up of the weighted share prices of approximately of the largest Australian companies. Established by ASX at points in Januaryit is the predominant measure of the overall performance of the Australian sharemarket.

The companies are weighted according to their size in terms of Market Capitalisation total market value of a company's shares. Allotment Issue allotment of new securities to an Investor and the recording of this issue on the register.

Allowable Difference When comparing any two holdings there may be differences in either the name or address. Some differences will be so minor that the two holdings can be considered the same. These differences are the 'allowable differences'. Depositary Receipts are legal, US.

Securities that trade freely on a major exchange or in the over the counter OTC market in U. Dollars, pay dividends or interest in dollars, and settle, clear and transfer according to standard U.

The Depositary Receipt evidences the home market security which trades in a foreign country and it is custodised with a local bank, called the custodian.I know you’re not serious, but This reminds me of something Kenzi said this weekend in California, which is that her least favorite kind of CFAR applicant is the one who says “I have come up with the optimal plan for how to improve my life and the world, but instead of .

In a free market economy resources are privately owned, the decisions regarding what to produce or how much to produce, how to produce and for whom to produce are taken by private producers through market forces. Profit is the main motive of carrying out various activities.

The government has little. The various techniques presented here include the estimation of demand curves and the area beneath them, analysis of market-like transactions, use of production approaches that consider the contribution of water resources to the production process, estimation of the costs of providing alternative sources of water, as well as other techniques used to estimate environmental resources more generally.

The most widely used method of establishing an advertising budget is to base it on a percentage of sales. Advertising is as much a business expense as, say, the cost of labor and, thus, should be related to the quantity of goods sold. Free market is a market in which there is the absence of economic interest and the various rules which are made by the government excluding stuffs like taxes, private contracts and the various rights of the land and home.

Buy low, sell high, and make the most from your real estate investments. When it comes to investments, timing is everything. In the real estate market, that means buying in markets that have already hit bottom and are just getting ready to take off, then cashing out before prices begin to drop.

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