Laundromat project

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Laundromat project

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The Laundromat is a name given by the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project to a vast money-laundering scheme. Between autumn and spring Russian officials and insiders moved billions of dollars into Europe, the US and other countries.

Not all of those involved in the Laundromat have been identified. What is money laundering?

Laundromat project

A process where you take money gained from crime and clean it so Laundromat project it appears to have come from a legitimate source. Typically this involves multiple transactions.

How did the Laundromat work? The scheme was ingenious. In many cases, it involved fictitious companies. Most were registered in London at Companies House.

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From here, the cash went to a bank in Latvia, inside the EU. Who else was involved? At least 19 Russian banks. From accounts in Russia, money was sent to other accounts at Moldindconbank in Moldova.

In Moldova, 15 judges are Laundromat project trial, together with 10 senior bank managers, central bank officials and four bailiffs. All face money-laundering charges. Most had no clue they were frontmen for a major international scam.

Cosmos Laundromat - The Gooseberry Open Movie Project Sincethe Harlem-based organization has worked to make more folks feel included in the art world and bring creative projects directly into the already high-trafficked spaces like laundromats and public plazas, while also developing its own slate of artists. The Project is bringing its community-building expertise to the David Rubenstein Atrium on Thursday, March 9, for Sanctuarya free, hour-long creative discussion—hosted by Buzzfeed's executive editor for culture, Saeed Jones, and featuring six of the project's artists—on how to open, share, and hold safe spaces that support the idea of refuge.
Join the Cloud Donate After its work on the series on the Russian Laundromat, the biggest known money laundering operation in Eastern Europe, a source provided OCCRP and Novaya Gazeta with banking records used by the offshore companies that comprised the operation.
Laundromat | MEP Designs General[ edit ] While most homes do have their own washers and driers, laundromats are still very popular with some apartment dwellers and those who do not own their own machines.

Where did the money go? The money flowed through 21 hub companies, with names such as Seabon and Valemont Properties Ltd.

The majority were registered in the UK and made brief annual records. Some were based in Cyprus, an EU island with Moscow ties. Their owners or beneficiaries are hidden behind a network of shadowy offshore administrators.

What about the UK? It was used to book rock bands to play in Russia, including a long-haired outfit from Florida. It went on home cinema equipment, and expensive wallpaper. Some of the money flowed into London real estate, including a pub in Bloomsbury and a townhouse in Kensington.

All major British banks processed money that had already been laundered. Leading American banks were involved, including Citibank and Bank of America.

The cash went on aesthetic dentistry, consulting, luxury diving watches and other items. The only banks that raised money-laundering concerns were American ones. The Bank of New York Mellon rejected payments.

What is money laundering?

Who benefited from the Laundromat? The Laundromat functioned as a giant shadow banking system. At the top were a number of users and super-users, all impeccably connected to the Russian elite.

Some Russian businessmen importing goods into Russia used the scheme unwittingly.

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They hired third-party logistics companies to deal with Russian customs. These freight forwarding firms made heavy use of the Laundromat. There are suspicions that well-connected bureaucrats took a cut.

Has anyone been arrested? The alleged architect of the scheme is a Moldovan businessman, Vyacheslav Platon — a former MP and Moldindconbank shareholder. Ukrainian police arrested him in and extradited him to Moldova to face fraud and money-laundering charges.

Platon is a Russian and Moldovan citizen.A self-service laundry, coin laundry, laundromat or coin wash is a facility where clothes are washed and dried without much personalized professional help. Laundromats are known in the United Kingdom as launderettes or laundrettes, and in the United States, Canada.

Laundry System Analysis Final Report P. 2 T he purpose of this project is to gain a global understanding of the laundry system at The University of Michigan Hospital and to eventually find a .

Laundromat project

Chloë Bass: This Is A Film ()Denniston Hill, The Laundromat Project, and Triangle Arts Association are pleased to present this lecture performance, Thursday. Laundromat Proper plumbing design is the key factor for large and commercial laundromat facilities, whether it’s domestic hot water, drainage, or natural gas.

Additionally ventilation and dryer venting are important design components. The Laundromat Project November 8 at AM · On Saturday, November 10th, The LP's Executive Director, Kemi Ilesanmi, along with other trailblazers in the arts who aim to promote and sustain black cultural spaces will be participating in a talk at the Brooklyn Museum from 1pm-4pm.5/5(2).

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