Personal essays for college admission examples of alliteration

He was just very, very wise.

Personal essays for college admission examples of alliteration

Using passionate imagery, I describe the rush of standing on stage to face a crowd of eager eyes. My true feelings about performing stand-up are not nearly as poetic. If I were to honestly describe my pre-routine thoughts, I would use a very different set of literary devices.

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There would be repetition: And then spontaneously combust. Armed only with a microphone and two pages of one-liners, I prepared myself to face a room of menacing teenagers.

I began to wonder why I had arrived at this moment, hoping that my answer would allow me to rationally conquer my fears. I thought of my younger self, a seventh-grade girl drowning in braces, acne and Pink Sugar perfume.

There was nothing I wanted more than to be adored by my peers, and I had aimed to achieve that adoration through comedy. Unfortunately, my intentions were far better than my execution. In hopes of earning status through laughter, I would make poor attempts at telling jokes.

The worst of which started with setting my watch two minutes slow, then, when someone would announce the time, I would shout, "Not on my watch! Not only was I consistently met with a sea of blank stares and the ever-dreaded "pity laughter," but the incorrect time on my watch would frequently make me late.

Backstage, as I made my fifth lap around the pacing track I had created, it became apparent that obsessing over my comedic origins would not provide me with the comfort I needed to perform. I began to wonder if pursuing comedy was even worth the effort.

personal essays for college admission examples of alliteration

My anxiety had now trapped me in a firm headlock. I rapidly began flipping between my two pages of notes, while reminding myself to breathe. Reading through the pages again and again, it struck me that nearly all of the jokes were at my own expense.

Not because I had let my failures get the best of me, but because I had learned to make the best of my failures. By the time my shaking legs arrived on stage, I had resolved to embrace my flaws, and use them to my advantage. After all, even if I did walk on stage, lose my notes, forget my entire routine, fall down on the floor, cry and spontaneously combust, it would make for one hell of an opening joke.

I do accept pity laughter. Though she takes a fairly self-deprecating tone, in keeping with her comedy style, her strengths as a writer and a storyteller are evident.

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Rachel is self-aware, yet not harsh, and the reader can appreciate the challenge of stand-up and learn along the way how Rachel deals with adversity.College What matters to you, and why?

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personal essays for college admission examples of alliteration

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