Plan van aanpak

Of het nou gaat om het maken van een marketingplan, exportplan of marketingcommunicatieplan, een Plan van Aanpak PvA is altijd gewenst. Ook voor het schrijven van scripties is altijd een Plan van Aanpak nodig.

Plan van aanpak

This is for two reasons: So did nothing happen in July at all? Trump already has two people in place at the 7-member Board of the Federal Reserve, two are currently undergoing confirmation in Congress and they will be followed by two more, eventually giving Trump complete control of the Fed, which will then be restructured from within, so the gold standard can be reintroduced and the dollar can collapse against gold.

Also, China pulled out of FB. Expect arrests on the grounds of insider trading! These people all took their Twitter and Instagram accounts down, which contained either veiled pedo stuff or sometimes even overt sickness.

Go Beyond Borders

There will be more to come — expect Robert De Niro and other loudmouths to fall in the near future as well! Q has reveiled the January Defcon threat in Hawaii was real. The white hats knew about this and rerouted AF1 and F16s shot down the missille using classified weapons technology the weaponry normally attached to F16s is not capable of shooting down these types of missiles.

Looks like these two had foreknowledge of the attack and arrogantly gave themselves away thinking Trump would be dead the next day! Despite the censorship, it clearly shows the Dems used the fake Steele dossier to gain permission to spy on the Trump campaign.

These rats are now fighting amongst themselves Plan van aanpak throwing each other under the bus! Security clearance for Clapper and others has been revoked as well, leaving them completely in the dark about what the next moves will be. All of a sudden, the Ecuadorian government wants to get rid of him.

But now, under Trump, Assange would be happy to be extradited to the U. Either way, Assange can then legitimately appear before Congress and testify to everything he knows. This should be interesting! Uranium One, involving none other than…Hillary Clinton.

Putin also mentioned George Soros as an influencer of elections, including that of the US. Speaking of which, he also handed a football to Trump.

On the official FIFA site we find that this ball actually contains a microchip that contains a URL with special information for the consumer. Did we actually watch a transfer of intelligence data right before our eyes? And Putin got the message, all right.

Trump has been accused of treason and the penalty for treason is death, so this is a veiled death threat. Within the next two weeks, the shoe will be on the other foot, though, expect fireworks real soon! Lisa Page, his former lover, has now refused to even show up to testify, on the advice of her lawyer.

This can mean only one thing: They were cooperating up to this point, but if they have flipped they will have hell to pay.

Remember, the Q team already has all the information and Trump can choose to declassify the full content of the IG report at any time. All it takes is for Republican congressional investigators to get so frustrated that they will call on Trump to do so.

Then he will have his meeting with Putin to forge a very powerful alliance that will put an end to the American presence in Syria, as well as NATO threatening Russia right at their doorstep and lifting the sanctions. Expect the second half of July to be explosive!

There are other UK connections as well. The Q team allowed her to go there, so they could watch her every move and collect more evidence. Among those 40, indictments there could well be a few for Theresa May and her husband as well. Needless to say, there will be consequences for the UK… The left is now fomenting civil war.

It starts with harassing Trump staffers, the next phase will bring bombings. This is The Weather Underground all over again: Not only did Q write that July will be the month the world disovered the truth, he also writes that if one reporter does not ask Trump about Q thus waking up millions of ignorant Americans to QAnon they may have to force this.

In other words, they WANT this to go manstream!

Plan van aanpak

The House of Representatives has given Rod Rosenstein another 7 days to produce the unredacted documents that should have been in the IG report.

If Rosenstein fails to do so, they will move to impeach. The deadline ends on July 6. Rosenstein is toast and he knows it. Once Rosenstein is out of the way and Trump has apppointed a white hat to replace him, the DOJ will be clean.Onze boekhandel in de Tolstraat is geopend van woensdag t/m zaterdag van uur tot uur.

Bekijk voor het volledige assortiment de boekenlijst. Of je nu een zaak opstart, een bloeiend bedrijf runt of als werknemer bijdraagt tot het succes van een KMO, allemaal krijgen we te maken met niet altijd even bezielende materies.

The drug policy of Sweden is based on zero tolerance focusing on prevention, treatment, and control, aiming to reduce both the supply of and demand for illegal drugs.

While using illegal substances is a crime, personal usage does not result in jail time if it is not in combination with driving a car. [not in citation given] Penalties are divided into four degrees: 1) Minor narcotics crimes.

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