The diameter of an impact crater essay

Dan Durda The space rock that carved Meteor Crater in Arizona hit the planet much more slowly than astronomers once figured, but still 10 times faster than a rifle bullet. The mystery has dogged researchers for years.

The diameter of an impact crater essay

Every day, Earth is constantly bombarded by about tons of falling objects from space, mostly simple dust or sand-sized particles that are destroyed as they hit the upper atmosphere. But very rarely, a piece large enough to survive the intense heat of entry manages to fall all the way down to the Earth's surface, where its galactic journey ends with a bump.

Size, Mass and Orbit:

Most meteorites are so small that they don't make a dent in the ground. Larger rocks, however, leave their mark in the form of bowl-shaped impact craters. One famous example is the 50,year-old Barringer Crater in Arizona, which is 1.

But impact craters have been observed not just on Earth; scientists have also spied them on Mercury, Venus and Mars, on our own Moon, and on the moons of Jupiter and Saturn. One feature of craters has puzzled scientists for decades. A meteorite's force of impact turns the ground into powder and throws that powder high into the air in a cone-shaped trajectory.

The flying powder settles around the crater to form a blanket. But why are some blankets shaped like rays—the long, radial streaks that fan out from the crater's center like spokes on a wheel?

High speed photography of a ball-drop experiment onto a granular surface imprinted with a regular pattern of hexagons. A crown of ejection rays is clearly visible at the edges of the impact site.

But there are some curious exceptions. It wasn't until Dr. Gustavo Gioia was watching ball-drop experiments by high-school students on YouTube one day that he found the first clue about what might be causing the rays: I noticed that some of their experiments were producing crater rays.

OIST So what was the unique feature of these experiments? Researchers generally even out the surface of the sand bed before dropping the ball, but the videos showed school students skipping that step. Sure enough, when Dr. Sabuwala repeated the ball-drop experiment with an uneven surface, the mini-meteorites made crater rays.

So the team conducted a second experiment in a flat sand bed imprinted with a regular pattern of hexagonal-shaped valleys.

How does the drop height of the marble affect the size of the crater in sand? Essay Sample

Upon impact, all of the valleys touching the edge of the ball produced a ray. The only variables that affected the number of rays produced were the size of the ball and the distance between valleys. For a closer look at the mechanism behind crater rays, the team turned to computer simulations.

The diameter of an impact crater essay

The model predictions matched well with the mini-meteorite experiments, allowing the scientists to predict what ray patterns would look like on the rough surfaces on real planets.

A fresh impact crater with rays observed on the surface of Mars in The roughly circular feature is miles in diameter. It is buried a kilometer below ground, about half on land and half below the sea floor.

Figure 1. Location of the Chicxulub crater (circle) on Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula. why did the alleged impact kill off the dinosaurs while many other forms of life remained healthy?

Some of the. anyway, either there is iridium in these layers essay's book refers to as from ~ bce, or there is not; the age of my reference notwithstanding. the dates you question are for known seismic events, and not specifically impact caused seismic events.

i think the reason it is put up as an argument against a bce impact and/or volcanic event. Mar 31,  · At kilometers in diameter, the largest known potentially hazardous asteroid is Toutatis. By comparison, asteroids that populate the main asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, and pose no threat to Earth, can be as big as kilometers (about miles) across.

The force of the impact obliterates the meteorite and displaces part of the moons surface, pushing the edges surrounding Crater Lake Essay these will then measure the crater diameter more accurately to the nearest mm also I could measure the depth of the. The site has an on-line calculator that lets you input meteor diameter, density, velocity, and angle of entry to make your own impact.

The Barringer Meteorite Crater. Barringer Crater Company. We present evidence of apparent remnants of an impact crater existing in the Modoc, a large multi-ring structure at least km diameter. Much of the complex crater has become obliterated by later Cascadia and Sierra orogenies.

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