Verbal visual essay rubric

Teach the academic vocabulary. Science lends itself easily to visuals and hands on learning, so many words would be easily taught through labeling parts and identifying terms by examining frogs. In addition to teaching the vocabulary by labeling items, make sure students understand vocabulary concepts such as "cycle.

Verbal visual essay rubric

The Characteristics of a Strong Speech 1. Introduce the concept of speechwriting to students.


Ask them to brainstorm a time when they have heard someone give a speech e. Specifically discuss campaign speeches and their purpose i.

Tell students that they are going to do two things. Pretending that they are running for president, they will write a campaign speech. They will also listen to each other's speeches and evaluate them.

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Using either individual computers, or one demonstration computer with a projection screen, go to Speechwriting. Read aloud or play the audio for the homepage and the "Write It" page. In addition, show students the "Tips From the Pros" page.

Discuss with students what you have read and talk about the characteristics of an effective speech.

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Pass out the Persuasive Speech Rubric and explain that students will be using these characteristics to evaluate each other's speeches. Define the word rubric in this case it is a chart that helps classify and evaluate information.

Verbal visual essay rubric

Quickly review the five areas that they will evaluate and explain the four-point scale. You may want to go over some of the more complicated terms on the rubric, such as what is meant by expressive speech.

Tell students that you are going to read a speech and that they will then use the rubric together to evaluate the speech. Tell them that they should take notes on the rubric while you are giving the speech because they will be turning it in at the end of the session.

When you are finished, go over each category on the rubric and discuss what students thought of it and what rating it should receive. Ask them to indicate their ratings on their sheets, along with a few short reasons why they selected that particular rating.

Collect the rubrics at the end of the session. Some things to consider pointing out Kennedy's announcement wasn't a surprise-he was nearly nominated for vice-president in He had worked hard to make sure that he had national recognition although he was a senator from Massachusetts at the time.

There had not been a president from the Democratic Party since He is therefore making a case not only for himself as a candidate, but also for the Democratic Party as one that can win.

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His speech is blunt and direct, especially at the beginning and end. You might ask students if they think this strategy is effective.

It is a somewhat different approach than the Speechwriting website tells them to use. He indicates very clearly what he plans to do if elected. You might see if students can remember any of these goals, using this information to discuss the importance of clarity and concision in their own speeches.Get more opportunities for success with the GRE General Test, the one test accepted by thousands of graduate and business schools worldwide.

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